Truth in Writing

I was thinking yesterday about truth in writing. What is meant by truth. What is true for me may not be true for someone else.  I aim for truth of the heart, a deeper level of understanding and not just facts. 

 I was told that someone was upset by my last post and may be prejudice against my daughter as a result. That’s unfortunate and sad for we all make mistakes. It is unfair to judge someone based on one incident. You need to step back and see the whole person and try to see through their eyes. We are all too quick to judge these days. 

This is the risk we take when we write truth, it’s not always pretty. We may offend someone. The truth in my last post, to me, was that we all make mistakes. It’s how we learn and grow from those mistakes that matters most. Sometimes we learn right away while others may take longer to learn. Someone once said, 

“it’s a wise person who learns from their mistakes and a genius who learns from others’ mistakes.”

But do not also forget:

 “to er is human. ”

The topics we write about may offend someone. Should we then not write?  If we worry too much that we may offend someone I don’t think that is truth. We need to get past that to get to the heart of what it is we want to say, damn the consequences.  

2 thoughts on “Truth in Writing

  1. No – it is important to write and speak your mind. That way we can dialogue. It may not be easy but it necessitates letting go of our own agenda or point of view for a brief moment so that we can perceive things from someone else’s point of view. Getting outside our comfort zone is essential for growth. Keep writing your truth. Your voice is important. You count!


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