I have not been sharing so much of late due to chores outside.  I have multiple perennial gardens which needed weeding and mulching. We had about a half dozen trees taken down and cut into firewood. The tops and branches we had chipped into mulch. 

With a flat tire on my wheelbarrow, I was forced to fill buckets and trudge them to various spots. This in itself does not sound so bad but, keep in mind the chipped pile is up a flight of stairs on a hill and under a tree.  Who needs a gym, right?!

While cleaning and weeding my rose garden, I met up with my perennial friend, Mr. Toad. He was hiding amongst the leaves in with the mint.  I relish the coming of all the song birds and hummingbirds.  I feed them all so my gardens are a noisy place early in the morning and late in the evening. 

So far, I’ve spotted my bluebirds (they have a nest and eggs in a house out in my veg garden),  grosbeaks, juncos, goldfinch, purple finch, green finch, indigo buntings, red winged blackbirds and finally here, hummingbirds.

Our cat, Penny, tries to catch them all. She hides under the feeders in the shade of my blue hostas and peonies. I managed to save a nuthatch. He was shaking with fear but appeared to be intact. I placed him on a branch of a dogwood tree. He hung on for a few minutes. He started to move around and finally flew off. 

A great deal of work goes into a beautiful garden just like a good story. The difference is that a garden is different every day and every year and never has an ending. 

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