I have not been sharing so much of late due to chores outside.  I have multiple perennial gardens which needed weeding and mulching. We had about a half dozen trees taken down and cut into firewood. The tops and branches we had chipped into mulch. 

With a flat tire on my wheelbarrow, I was forced to fill buckets and trudge them to various spots. This in itself does not sound so bad but, keep in mind the chipped pile is up a flight of stairs on a hill and under a tree.  Who needs a gym, right?!

While cleaning and weeding my rose garden, I met up with my perennial friend, Mr. Toad. He was hiding amongst the leaves in with the mint.  I relish the coming of all the song birds and hummingbirds.  I feed them all so my gardens are a noisy place early in the morning and late in the evening. 

So far, I’ve spotted my bluebirds (they have a nest and eggs in a house out in my veg garden),  grosbeaks, juncos, goldfinch, purple finch, green finch, indigo buntings, red winged blackbirds and finally here, hummingbirds.

Our cat, Penny, tries to catch them all. She hides under the feeders in the shade of my blue hostas and peonies. I managed to save a nuthatch. He was shaking with fear but appeared to be intact. I placed him on a branch of a dogwood tree. He hung on for a few minutes. He started to move around and finally flew off. 

A great deal of work goes into a beautiful garden just like a good story. The difference is that a garden is different every day and every year and never has an ending. 

Truth in Writing

I was thinking yesterday about truth in writing. What is meant by truth. What is true for me may not be true for someone else.  I aim for truth of the heart, a deeper level of understanding and not just facts. 

 I was told that someone was upset by my last post and may be prejudice against my daughter as a result. That’s unfortunate and sad for we all make mistakes. It is unfair to judge someone based on one incident. You need to step back and see the whole person and try to see through their eyes. We are all too quick to judge these days. 

This is the risk we take when we write truth, it’s not always pretty. We may offend someone. The truth in my last post, to me, was that we all make mistakes. It’s how we learn and grow from those mistakes that matters most. Sometimes we learn right away while others may take longer to learn. Someone once said, 

“it’s a wise person who learns from their mistakes and a genius who learns from others’ mistakes.”

But do not also forget:

 “to er is human. ”

The topics we write about may offend someone. Should we then not write?  If we worry too much that we may offend someone I don’t think that is truth. We need to get past that to get to the heart of what it is we want to say, damn the consequences.  

Just Another Thursday

Last night, I stupidly agreed to my 16, almost 17 – as I’m constantly reminded, as if that mattered – year old daughter to having “a few” friends over.   Being liberal and modern, I thought it might help her.   I was half wrong.

The night seemed to be going ok. They kept to the boundaries I set:  downstairs or outside, no alcohol and over at 11. Then boundaries were challenged. The party moved to the kitchen and soon food was disappearing.

I reminded my daughter that the party was over at 11. To this she replied:

“Well, my friend’s mother can’t pick him up till 11:30…”

To that I said: “no.”

I tolerated it until my son came in to say that my daughter, his sister, was puking. Great. I glanced a beer can out the window and saw red.

I loudly and firmly told my daughter that the party was over and everyone had to leave. She gave me some lip so, I shouted everybody out.

I was pretty impressed how fast they lit out. My daughter, of course, followed me around while I cleaned, spouting such venom. That was delightful.

The one constant was my daughter’s friend. She stuck by her even though most would bail. It was oddly comforting to know someone else cared for my daughter that they would even endure a full meltdown like what just happened.

My daughter finally calmed down and her friend went home.

I don’t know how many teen years I can stand. I guess it will have to be all of them.



While writing…

I was doing a couple writing exercises on a grey spring morning. As always happens, my mind wandered. I had the window open in my living room and watched my cat, Penny enjoying the birds outside from her window perch. 

Her tail twitched with her intense attention. Her ears moved like radar, catching every single sound inside and out. All so predatory and given up so quickly for a bowl of food and water. Domestic wilderness restrained. 

Woke today to dark skies and rain. It’s hard enough to get up at 6 am without dreary weather. Can’t really complain though, since spring is finally here and the sun broke through the clouds this afternoon.

Winter this year seemed as if it would never end. We were lucky to not get the snow totals areas received north and far west of us. Some days I wish we had more snow, grey days are so depressing.

Looking forward to summer and long sunny days.